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Accelerate your fleet’s transition to zero emissions by leveraging the latest in eMobility expertise

While the benefits of moving to zero-emission transportation are clear, the path to implementation can be rough. Navigating incentives, weighing leasing and purchase options, or accurately calculating total cost of ownership are just a few of the hurdles fleet operations managers face.

ENGIE’s eMobility solutions are designed to help overcome these and other obstacles. And while we look forward to helping you explore your electrification options, you can also position your organization for success by staying on top of eMobility trends.

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  • State and federal incentives and grants


Just planning for a transition to an electric fleet is a daunting task when you think of all the variables involved. ENGIE helped us put a plan together we could afford… They turned a challenge into a real opportunity for our district.

Lindsey Danner, Aquatics and Energy Manager, Grossmont Union High School District

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